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It’s Apple Watch time!

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Pre-order your apple watch today CLICK HERE Here’s what Jonathan Ivy, Chief Apple Designer thinks about the new apple watch: One of the things that struck me was how often I’d look at my watch and have to look again quite soon afterwards, because I hadn’t actually comprehended what the time was. If I had looked at something on my phone, because of the investment involved in taking it out of my pocket or my bag, I would certainly pay attention. I quite like this sense of almost being careless and just glancing,” said Apple’s Jony Ive...

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Facebook: What’s Next For Messenger?

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Summary FB’s introduction of payment in FB Messenger suggests that it will be the leading mobile communication platform for FB. WhatsApp will be increasingly irrelevant as FB is most likely to convert WhatsApp users into FBM users. Expect further service offerings to include dining, travel, wireless services, taxis, etc to be added to the FBM ecosystem. FB’s introduction of payment in FB Messenger rather than in WhatsApp is a clear indication that FB Messenger will be the leading mobile communication platform for FB and that...

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Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook?

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Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook? It’s not long until we’ll be saying that everyone on the planet has a Facebook profile- the man in London to the child in shanty Bombay. It might not be quite there yet, in fact 100’s of millions off, but those who do have a facebook profile are becoming more obsessed with Facebook everyday. One out of every 13 of the global population and three out of four Americans is on Facebook, and one out of 26 signs into Facebook on a daily basis- staggering numbers. The graphic below shows what...

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Need a kidney, please RT

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social media is changing organ donation At any given time, upwards of 100,000 people across the US are awaiting an organ transplant — and now some of them have figured out how to jump to the front of the line. By launching online petitions or soliciting donors on Facebook, some patients are able to find an organ they desperately need faster than conventional means usually allow. The phenomenon is raising new questions and concerns for doctors and bioethicists, some of whom worry that social media threatens to turn organ donation into “a...

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Social media and driving: Know the rules

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  If you’re aged 17 to 29 or a van driver you have probably checked your mobile while driving. Researchers looked at habits in England and Scotland and found these groups of motorists most likely to look at mobile messages at the wheel. Unsurprisingly, they found texting and using social media is now a bigger issue than drivers making calls. But is glancing at Facebook off limits? We check out the rules: You definitely can’t hold your phone It is illegal to use a mobile phone held in the hand while driving or while stopped with...

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Snapchat to charge £50,000 per day for 1 advert!

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With the ability to reach millions of viewers a day, the strong video focused messaging app promotes itself as a TV-style commercial space for the ad world. In late October, 2014, the app started rolling out paid ads. Universal Pictures were the first, advertising their film Ouija. Sponsors pay for ‘Snaps’, short videos and photos, to show up in users ‘recent update’ feeds. Brands like McDonald’s, Samsung and Macy’s have jumped on the bandwagon early. Photo and video ads of major events like the American Music Awards appear in the ‘Our...

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An interesting overview of social networks from a 19 year old

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Social media has undergone another significant change from rising in popularity with teens to being adopted by adults and now niche apps appearing to regain some privacy and importantly ‘coolness’. Working through the popular networks here is Andrew Watts’ summary of the major networks: Facebook: he explains teens have very little interest in Facebook but nonetheless check it regularly as a way os staying in contact with some people. He explains Facebook is: ‘Something we all got in middle school because it was cool...

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Instagram now bigger than Twitter

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Instagram says it has the potential to “change the world” as it announced it has overtaken Twitter with 300 million users. The company’s CEO Kevin Systrom described the milestone as “exciting” and said the company would “continue to grow”. Twitter claims to have 284 million users accessing the network each month. Facebook, which boasts 1.35 billion monthly active users, bought Instagram in 2012. Kevin Systrom said: “Instagram is about seeing a live pulse of the world right now, it’s not...

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Why Yahoo acquiring BrightRoll is significant to BeBirbal

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As Facebook did in July of this year, Yahoo have today acquired a video advertising platform, BrightRoll. It follows the $500 million acquisition of LiveRail by Facebook and clearly demonstrates the intent of tech’s major players, video is about to be the next big thing. It’s another clear indication that these companies recognise video is a growing trend and with statistics like two-thirds of mobile data expected to be video by 2018, it’s no surprise. Naturally this is great news for BeBirbal and confirms that whilst video usage and delivery...

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Marketing or Hustling?

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I’ve been running an online marketing business for the last 4 years and sometimes marketeers are the most infuriating people to work with and be involved in meetings with. There’s a whole load of technical terms being thrown in that I don’t understand and people who have clearly got into the job because it seemed like an easy option when they had to make a career choice. I see a thousand weird and wonderful ideas that people dream up to launch a new product or what they would do if they were marketing a startup, few of them ever execute their...

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