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Olly Campbell sponsored by BeBirbal wins the London3Peaks

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How does running up 2000 steps of 3 London skyscrapers sound to you? Pretty crazy no? Well Olly Campbell decided he was going to take on the London3peaks challenge which included 3 skyscrapers, 2000 steps and a 5K run and what’s more incredible is that he won it in an unbelievable 36 minutes and 2 seconds. Olly Campbell who has been sponsored by BeBirbal in other ultra-marathon runners is quickly becoming a running machine, running 70 miles a week in training and competing in the UK’s biggest ultra marathons. BeBirbal is very...

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Has Snapchat murdered Facebook?

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I watched a video yesterday from Casey Neistat who is an awesome YouTube film creator and an avid user of Snapchat He put this video together yesterday: Snapchat murdered Facebook It’s a massive thumbs up to Snapchat and makes Facebook look like the old grandpa that just isn’t is as cool as it used to be. I agree it’s not as cool as it was but here’s why I think it will avoid any brutal Goodfella’s type murder from Snapchat The age of the users: it’s clear from Casey’s video that the snapchat...

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What we’ve learnt about Apple from their new iPhone 6 launch

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Apple claim to have shifted approximately 10 million iPhone 6 and 6plus combined. That’s a huge number in it’s first week and has been accompanied by the media sensation and long queues that we’ve come to expect But what has the recent launch shown us about design, marketing and technology? Design: Apple’s phones have been designed consistently thinner since their original release and for the first time they’re big. Jobs famously said that consumers didn’t want large screens but the recent releases seem to...

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The new iPhone 6 and video: how it effects BeBirbal

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So what have we learnt tonight about the iPhone 6 and the improvement to video? From the apple.com site just published: The iSight camera doesn’t only take great photos. It lets you shoot stunning 1080p HD video at 60 fps, capture more dramatic slo-mo video, and for the first time, create time-lapse videos. Continuous autofocus provides constant focus as you capture your footage. And cinematic video stabilization keeps your shots steady, even when you’re not. What does this do for BeBirbal? Simply, it improves video recording for users to...

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Why micro videos are the hottest trend in 2014

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If 2014 is the year of anything, it’ll be the year of micro-video. The rise of the ultra short form film in 2013 might have surprised many – after all what can you say in a few seconds – but already smart brands are starting to master this medium. Promise of engagement Micro-video offers the promise of more engagement than traditional online video, with branded Vines four times more likely to be shared than traditional online video. Added to this, the mobile-based nature of micro-video and its expansion onto sites like YouTube, means that...

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SWARM moves it’s nest

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SWARM Marketing has happily moved into new offices in to the centre of Bournemouth and joined the Nest Space team Continuing our expansion we’ve decided the summer is a great time to change our location and make sure we’re even closer to the beach! We’re looking forward to an exciting future in our new nest...

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Dorset ultra marathon runner completes 100k race to the stones

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Olly Campbell, a tree surgeon from Ringwood, faced fog, thunder and a heatwave on Saturday to complete his fourth ultra marathon, running 100km in under 11 hours. Whilst many took to the beach to cool off, Campbell undertook the gruelling challenge of the “Race to the Stones”, a 100km race along the Ridgeway, ending by Avebury Stones in Wiltshire. As temperatures soared, and fog was replaced by thunder, Campbell completed the race non-stop in 10 hours 56 mins. The Race to the Stones is the fourth ultra marathon completed by Campbell, whose...

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bebirbal coming soon

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be better, BeBirBal snap.share.beat. We’re pleased to announce that Olly Whittle is working on an iOS app BeBirBal which is currently in the second phase of developemnt. We’ll keep you posted on progress but in the meantime take a look at the website BeBirBal Website...

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15 Apps Kids Are Heading to Beyond Facebook

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Recent reports go back and forth on teens’ favorite digital hangout, but the fact is that the days of a one-stop shop for all social networking needs are over. Instead, teens are dividing their attention between an array of apps and tools that let them write, share, video chat, and even shop for the latest trends. Twitter Instagram Snapchat Tumblr Google+ Vine Wanelo Kik Messenger Ooovoo Ask.fm Yik Yak WhatsApp Omegle Yo. Whisper   Here’s why they’re so popular with teens: Twitter Teens like using it to share quick tidbits...

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The best of iOS 8

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Apple added some much-needed and much-appreciated new functionality to its popular mobile platform this week. here they are 1. QuickType / Third-party Keyboard Support Text input gets two major improvements in iOS 8. First, Apple is finally improving its auto-correct technology — and it only took seven years! Apple’s new QuickType feature adds word prediction above the keyboard (don’t worry iPhone users, it’ll look much nicer on the larger iPhone screens coming this fall). The keyboard also now learns the language you use in different apps...

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